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Restaurant Overview
Step into The PUB, Kuta's esteemed sports bar and restaurant, which has been serving patrons since 1973. What began as a place known for its sports-themed ambiance evolved into an enchanting "House of Magic" with the introduction of captivating magic shows by none other than their talented bartender. The restaurant's owner, renowned as one of Bali's skilled magicians, joined forces with an Australian partner to create a captivating experience that has since enthralled both locals and visitors alike.

Prepare to be dazzled as our skilled staff not only serves delectable dishes but also showcases mesmerizing magical food presentation that will leave you in awe. Our culinary offerings have been meticulously curated, ensuring the highest quality and the most delightful flavors. Among the stars of our menu is "The PUB Legendary Beef Satay!!!," which has earned its reputation as "The Best Satay in Bali" since its inception.
Mr. Wix Ambara & Mr. Mario Zuccala
Our Special

Amazing Featured

Beef Satay

"OUR SIGNATURE - Since 1973" Grilled Beef High Quality Meat on Skewer with sweet Soya Sauce

Fire Cocktail’s

Fire Witch Cocktails, Specials Cocktails The PUB Cadabra

Spaghetti Broom Stick

Specials Kids Menu from The PUB Cadabra
Feel the


Regular Magic Show

Magic Show - Illusion Magic Show - Live Music Show

Merchandise Corner

Merchandise Corner and Magic Shop,
We sell accessories and Magic Tools, as a gift for Your Friends and Family

Face Painting

Face Painting Effect from latex and Slicon

Photo Corner

Get a Free Photo session. The A5 size
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